Payroll processing accountant (759-3) job description

Marietta, Georgia



Code: 759-3, LG: 13

Occupational Summary

Audit, make corrections, prepare working papers and make online input to payroll and automated attendance and labor recording systems; calculate employee earnings, assure the completeness and accuracy of calculations and have checks prepared; control and maintain in balance payroll accounts such as bond and credit union deductions, miscellaneous accounts, sick leave, and union dues; prepare journal entires as required; and audit documents related to pay and other associated data received from the originating source. Audit output from an automated attendance and labor recording system for accuracy and make corrections when necessary, and audit machine prepared paychecks before they are distributed.

Work Performed

Analyze and audit data necessary to insure the accurate and proper accounting for all types of payroll payments, payroll tax collections, internal payroll deductions and government reports wherein it is necessary to exercise a thorough knowledge of accounting principles, payroll accounting practice and procedure and Company and Government regulations relative to statutory and internal payroll deductions. Maintain automated earnings ledger and control deductions for employees on domestic, foreign and other assignment requiring unusual treatment with respect to payroll taxes. Audit terminations, compute final pay, assure the completeness and accuracy of manual pay computations, and have final pay checks prepared and released. Process and audit other items such as sick leave, vacation, and similar pay actions/adjustments. Utilize CRT, keyboards, terminals, and payroll/accounting software programs to establish, maintain, and manipulate records as required. Maintain familiarity with negotiated pay provisions to verify change activity and determine applicability of specific contractual rate provisions. Take corrective action to establish retroactive history and related action.

Audit accounts, records, reports, schedules, journal vouchers, ledgers and/or other accounting documents for accuracy, adequacy, reasonableness, and/or proper accounting treatment. Prepare journal vouchers affecting general ledger accounts. Prepare recaps of payrolls; maintain and be responsible for substantiating data. Initiate and prepare reports and schedules as required.

Audit output from the automated attendance systems for accuracy and, when appropriate, input corrections through the system to insure correctemployee attendance. Review machine prepared checks for obvious errors before they are released for distribution.

Knowledge and Ability Required

A thorough knowledge of Company payroll, principles, practices, and policies and a working knowledge of accounting principles. Knowledge of payroll procedures as related to Company and Government requirements and regulations, Union Contracts, Human Resources Directives, and Finance Branch Directives pertaining to payroll practices. Ability to operate computer terminals for input to the automated attendance and payroll systems. Ability to commit a sequence of learned procedures and the corresponding codes to memory. Ability to prepare clear and concise accounting reports, to be thorough and accurate, and to exercise tact and courtesy while providing information and assisting others in the resolution of payroll problems. Ability to maintain confidentiality as part of performing the duties of this classification.

Wage Administration
March 2, 1999
Reviewed and reissued by Company with no change in job description
April 29, 2002



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