Paymaster clerk (762-3) job description

Marietta, Georgia



Code: 762-3, LG: 9

Occupational Summary

Print, sort and distribute payroll checks, accept and investigate written, personal or telephone inquiries from employees relative to disposition of paychecks.

Work Performed

Use computer terminal to input data for proper routing/distribution of paychecks and to answer employee paycheck questions.

Keep printers supplied with blank check stock during check printing operation, remove printed checks and operate folder/sealer machine.

Sort and package checks into groupings according to distribution point.

Release paychecks, notices, documents, etc., intended for plant wide distribution, to authorized personnel.

Compare final checks with termination papers for correctness, post check information and release final checks to terminees according to existing procedures. Refer discrepancies to supervisor or supervisor’s designee(s).

Advise employees regarding correct procedure to secure payment on lost, stolen, destroyed, out-of-date or unclaimed paychecks.

Contact affected departments concerning reasons for non-deliverance of paychecks.

Sort, arrange, and file paymaster documents and records in proper established or designated alphabetical, numerical, or chronological sequence. Set up and maintain files by such designations and furnish or relay information which can be obtained directly from files, ledgers, records and reports.

Type materials such as envelopes and local office drafts.

Prepare mail distribution analyses and bulk mailing certificates for post office.

Use adding machine, typewriter, check inserter machine, and other equipment in performance of duties.

Knowledge and Ability Required

Knowledge of paymaster’s operations, policies and procedures. Use fractions, decimals, and commercial arithmetic and be able to operate a calculator, typewriter, computer terminal, and other office equipment as necessary. Ability to exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with personnel.

Wage Administration
May 2, 1996
Reviewed and reissued by Company with no change in job description
April 29, 2002



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