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Any grievance payment that is pay for hours not worked, e.g. wrong person worked the overtime, wrong classification worked, work wrongly sub-contracted, get charged to the overtime record. Examples of grievance payments that would not be charged to overtime records would include lead pay, pay difference in hours in a wrongful promotion, field duty pay, or shift premium pay.

Unless there is a special skill involved employee(s) lowest in hours shall be loaned to keep hours more in balance.


In interpreting para. 9 of the recording section (p221 CBA) of Supplement I, it was agreed that employees out of town on paid Union Business need not call in and should not be charged for overtime hours (s)he would have been offered during the period of release.

Assuming that any of the Jig Builders can do the work, employees lowest in hours should be offered the weekend overtime on their own shift. When the day shift requirements are filled, the next lowest in hours person should be offered the swing shift overtime. In the event that an insufficient number of employees are available, overtime on the opposite shift will not be “blocked” but offered one day at a time so employees won’t double shift more than once in a weekend. Overtime hours worked or refused on the opposite shift would be charged just like hours worked on the regular shift.

Off Fridays should be treated like a Saturday so that if it is known that Friday, Saturday and Sunday are needed, they should be offered in a block.



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