Air conditioning mechanic (350-3) job description

Marietta, Georgia



Code: 350-3, LG 18

Occupational Summary                     

This occupation requires the installation, maintenance, repair, and overhaul of plant air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and cooling systems and controls.

Work Performed

Makes periodic inspections and operates equipment to determine the maintenance work necessary to prevent functional breakdowns requiring major overhaul of air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and cooling systems such as air conditioning units and compressors, exhaust fans, heat pumps, ice-making machines, refrigeration boxes, cooling towers and tables, cooling boxes, water coolers, and air pressure and temperature controls. Services and lubricates the equipment covered herein as assigned.

Diagnoses malfunctions, determines methods and sequence of required repair and/or overhaul operations working from manufacturers’ drawings and specifications, installation layouts and sketches, and verbal and written instructions. Dismantles, repairs, overhauls, mechanically services, re-assembles, installs and test-operates air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling systems and controls. Replaces worn and broken parts, makes adjustments and alignments as required.

Makes work sketches of defective parts by taking measurements directly from equipment in need of repair, record material requirements, and specifies machining operations for use by others. Fabricates, repairs, or modifies parts using tools as indicated below, and scribes reference lines and points on raw stock by using damaged or worn parts as templates.

Operates air conditioning and ventilation systems to condition air to specified requirements and makes operating adjustments to such components as expansion valves and thermostats. Maintains required logs and records of temperature and pressure readings and other data, including completed repair, overhaul and installation operations. Utilizes computer systems to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and cooling systems.

Operates refrigerant recovery/reclamation equipment in conformance with all regulations affecting such operations.

Assists in transferring liquid oxygen from vendor truck to storage tanks and maintains proper tank vacuum. Transfers liquid oxygen from storage to portable tanks. Maintains fixed and portable liquid oxygen storage and handling equipment by repairing and replacing defective components such as hose, safety discs, valves, nozzles, emergency releases, and static ground cables. Maintains and advises others of liquid oxygen supply status.

Performs incidental maintenance, predictive maintenance, and preventive maintenance functions normally associated with or required for air conditioning installation, maintenance or repair on assigned job. Performs incidental electrical and plumbing tasks required for maintenance, repair, and installation of equipment covered herein.

Typical Materials, Tools, and Equipment Used

Materials worked on: Parts and assemblies associated with air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, liquid oxygen, and cooling systems equipment.

Materials worked with: Lubricants, solvents, abrasives, refrigerants, sealing compounds, emery paper, insulating materials, rubber, etc.

Tools Used: Mechanic’s hand tools, rules, micrometers, testing devices, such as wet and dry bulb thermometers, volt meters and clamp-on ammeters, manometers, anemometers, velometers and draft gauges; soldering irons, hand torches, leak detectors, etc.

Equipment Used: Refrigerant recycling/reclamation equipment, computers and terminals, drill presses, pedestal and disc grinders, power hack saws, flaring equipment, dollies, hoists, block and tackles, equipment related to predictive maintenance function of air conditioning equipment, etc.

Knowledge and Ability Required

Ability to install, operate, maintain, repair and overhaul air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and cooling systems and controls. To set up and operate power tools listed above. To perform maintenance functions associated with systems worked on. To use necessary testing devices and safety equipment.

To apply a comprehensive knowledge of maintenance shop practice and procedure as related to the installation, operation, maintenance, repair and overhaul of air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and cooling systems and controls. Ability to make sketches and diagrams. To read and interpret engineering drawings, machine diagrams, sketches, manufacturers’ specifications and manuals. To use arithmetic involving decimals and fractions. To obtain, hold and maintain universal refrigerant certifications and licenses required by customers or government regulations. To work at various heights.

Wage Compensation
January 30, 1995
Reviewed and reissued by Company with no change in job description
April 29, 2002



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